The buchu plant is extremely sensitive to its environment and cultivation requires great care. Only the most pure species of buchu plants, selected from the Cederberg Red-stem buchu, was obtained for cultivation at La Motte. Production on 1,5 hectares of specially designated soil started in May 2004. Fully biologic production methods are applied, managing the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides, weed killers and plant growth regulators.

Buchu contains ethereal oil (2,5%) with limonene, isomenthone, diosphenol (buchu camphor) and terpinen-4-ol as the main compounds. Sulphur-containing minor compounds are partly responsible for a characteristic blackcurrant smell and flavour. As far as pharmacological effects are concerned, buchu and buchu oil are considered to have urinary antiseptic, diurectic and anti-inflammatory properties.