In harmony with wine-making and its natural surroundings, La Motte runs a flower-growing operation cultivating a limited variety of relatively rare flower species. In 2005, La Motte purchased the world’s largest private collection of disas from Prof Sid Cywes, a pediatric surgeon and horticultural hobbyist who grew disas and made most crosses in a disa hybridization program.

Named after La Motte’s owner, the lovely orange blend Hybrid Tea Hanneli Rupert rose adorns the landscaped gardens of the estate and fills the air with its subtle sweet perfume.

As part of its biodiversity principles, La Motte has reintroduced the Franschhoek Pride or Blushing Bride to the mountain on the estate while indigenous Protea gardens have been established on its slopes.

Disas, blushing brides, proteas, pincushions, Hanneli Rupert roses and bunches of lavender from La Motte’s ethereal oil fields are available from the La Motte Farm Shop.

Flowering (depending on season):


Approximately November to January


Approximately December to January

Hanneli Rupert Roses

Approximately October to May

Blushing Brides

Approximately May to July


Approximately August to November


Approximately August to November