Blushing Brides

The blushing bride is one of the most delicately beautiful flowers in the Western Cape region. Botanically known as serruria florida, it was officially discovered in the Franschhoek Mountains in 1773. The flowers then disappeared from the scientific annals for over a hundred years.

Also known as the Franschhoek pride, the blushing bride is a member of the Proteaceae plant family – a component of the South Western Cape region. Serruria florida has a high economic potential. It is easily grown from seeds, responds very well to pruning, is a fast grower and flowers within 15 months of germinating. However, it is relatively short-lived and only produces a commercially viable crop for about three years. As a garden plant it is superb, provided its roots are not disturbed.

La Motte is passionate about the reintroduction of blushing brides into the Franschhoek biosphere, in line with the biodiversity initiative.

In season, from May to July, blushing brides may be purchased from the La Motte Farm Shop.