It is claimed that Proteaceae had its origin in South Africa, along the southern coastal mountain ranges. Of the extensive variety of plant species in the Cape Floral Kingdom, the 380 species of proteas are the most uniquely South African.

Aware of the phenomenon that proteas may face extinction, La Motte has established a fully-fledged protea garden on the estate. At present, ten species are cultivated: Pink Ice, Red Rex (PBR), Susara, Sylvia, High Gold (PBR), Soleil, Succession, Tango, Inca Gold and Safari Sunset.

The garden, which lies along the route of the La Motte Hiking Trail, providing the ideal opportunity to create awareness, interest and enthusiasm amongst hikers when it comes to nature conversation, is systematically expanded, as is the variety of Proteaceae.

In season, from August to November, proteas may be purchased from the La Motte Farm Shop.