La Motte, in co-operation with other Rupert family farms, developed a modern village, Dennegeur, for its workers a short distance from La Motte in the town of Franschhoek. Design and construction were based on input from would-be residents.

Key to Dennegeur is the transfer of home ownership to farm workers. Apart from the comfortable family homes, Dennegeur comprises comprehensive care, training and sport facilities.

A day care centre offering the full-time services of a trained nursery school teacher is available to pre-school children on the farm. An after-school centre also helps older children to do their homework and conducts additional classes in the afternoons. A training centre, including a library, offers development opportunities in terms of farming as well as general life skills such as literacy and personal financial management. A clinic with its own resident nursing sister is also available, while modern sport amenities cater for all ages.