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The Helgaard Steyn Awards 1987-2013 – Chronological Winners List

The Helgaard Steyn Awards 1987-2013


Year Category Award receiver Winning work


1987 Painting- Graphic Art Pippa Skotnes Lament (1985)

On exhibit

1988 Literature Karel Schoeman ‘n Ander Land (1984)


1989 Sculpture David Brown Voyage II (1987)


1990 Musical composition Roelof Temmingh Drie Sonnette (1988)


1991 Painting Nel Erasmus Jazz baby spent autumn (1991)

On exhibit

1992 Literature John Miles Kroniek uit die doofpot. ‘n Polisieroman(1991)


1993 Sculpture Jackson Hlungwani Tiger Fish III; Adam and the birth of Eve;Michael Star;


Large Crucifix; God and Christ; Altar of God. (1990)


1994 Musical composition Peter Klatzow From the Poets


1995 Painting Robert Hodgins South African summer: All this is So, and yet (1992)

On exhibit

1996 Literature Breyten Breytenbach Nege landskappe van ons tye bemaak aan ‘n beminde (1993)


1997 Sculpture Gert Swart Grace (1996)

On exhibit

1998 Musical composition Stefans Grové Afrika Hymnus II (1997)


1999 Painting No Award  


2000 Literature JC Kannemeyer Leipoldt: ‘n Lewensverhaal (1999)


2001 Sculpture Willem Boshoff Blind Alphabet A (2001)

On exhibit

2002 Musical composition Roelof Temmingh Kantate: Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein


2003 Painting Cyril Coetzee T’Kama-Adamastor (1999)


2004 Literature Dan Sleigh Eilande (2001)


2005 Sculpture Jan van der Merwe Showcase (2003)

On exhibit

2006 Musical composition Roelof Temmingh Kantorium (2004)


2007 Painting Bronwen Findlay All about everything (2005)

On exhibit

2008 Literature Marlene van Niekerk Agaat (2004)


    Hermann Giliomee Die Afrikaners: ‘n Biografie (2004)


2009 Sculpture Andrieta Wentzel Aspects of the dark other (2006)


2010 Musical composition Hans Huyssen Proteus Variations (2006)


2011 Painting Pauline Gutter Silenced I (2008)

On exhibit

2012 Literature PG du Plessis Fees van die ongenooides (2008)


2013 Sculpture Wim Botha Blastwave (2010)


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