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Citrus and Fennel Cured Franschhoek trout

Looking for something that is delicious but light and summery? Try Chef Eric Bulpitt's recipe for Citrus and Fennel Cured Franschhoek trout. At its best, served with the refreshing and moreish 2018 La Motte Sauvignon Blanc or the more complex and mineral 2018 Pierneef Sauvignon Blanc. Ingredients Salmon 1 side of salmon trout Cure Mix 500...

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Festive bread wreath

This special bread wreath with all spice, nuts and dried fruit is all you need for a sensational start to a festive meal. Ingredients 1 ½ packets (15 g) active dry yeast1 ½ C (375 ml) lukewarm water6 Tbsp (90 ml) butter, softened⅓ C (80 ml) non-fat dry milk powder¼ C (50 g) sugar1 egg¾...

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Sensational summer-time lamb sosaties

Lamb sosaties with their aromatic curry marinade is synonymous with a summer's braai. Add crispy onions and labneh and elevate the traditional dish to something that is modern and sensational for summer. Do serve with the 2015 La Motte Syrah. Lamb 1 kg lamb rump Marinade olive oil180 g onion, chopped20 g ginger, finely chopped/microplaned60 g...

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Tipsy Cherry Trifle

An English culinary tradition, trifle has become popular in South Africa because of the English part of our history and because of the festive character of the dessert. This festive desserts usually consists of fruit, sponge fingers soaked in sherry, custard and cream, but everyone has a recipe and there are strong opinions about the...

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Festive Family Meal: Whole Roast duck, cherries and charred sweet potato

Chef Eric loves loves to feed people and for Christmas he loves to treat friends and family to something special. At the some time he does not believe in hours behind the stove or anxiousness about impossible recipes. Get a nice, chubby duck, seasonal cherries from Ceres and then roast a few sweet potatoes on...

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Experience Art at La Motte

Celebrating the Rupert family’s love and appreciation for art, La Motte Wine Estate introduces a new Art Experience to complement the current Museum exhibition, Ink on Paper. Those interested in the process of printmaking are invited to join the Tuesday morning Art Experience focusing on this dynamic medium. The Experience consists of a guided tour...

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Stollen & Straw Wine

Each country has its Christmas culture and while our summer Christmas is not always kind to wintery European traditions, trying a traditional German Christollen (or Christmas Stollen) with a glass of well-chilled La Motte Straw Wine, can easily be incorporated into festivities this year. Serve it as an alternative dessert or after-dinner surprise. We were inspired by...

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Sparkling wine - more than words can say

The wine world is full of foreign terminology, but there is no reason for anyone to be intimidated by words such as méthode champenoise, pupitre, sur lies, tirage, muselet... Why? Because we have google and smart phones! It is very easy to quickly get a word's meaning and pronunciation. Rather than being intimidated, why not enjoy the romance and mystique of wine...

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Chicken with Green Sauce

From our Cape Winelands Cuisine cookbook, page 95 This recipe was inspired by Thomas van der Noot’s recipe (1510) for chicken with “green sauce”. A similar recipe also appears in another Dutch cookbook from the same century, titles Wel ende delike spijse. The basis of Van der Noot’s sauce is chicken stock flavoured with ground...

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La Motte Wine Estate recognised as Wine Tourism Destination of the Year

Celebrating International Tourism Day on 27 September in style, the Cape Winelands District Municipality last night announced the winners in its annual Mayoral Tourism Awards. La Motte Wine Estate in the Franschhoek Valley was recognized as the winner in the category for Tourism Destination of the Year. “We are honoured to receive acknowledgement from our...

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