Jacob Hendrik Pierneef

13 August 1886 – 4 October 1957

Jacob Hendrik Pierneef was born in Pretoria in 1886. During 1900, Pierneef and his family moved to Holland, where works of old masters made a lasting impression on him.

On the family’s return to South Africa, Pierneef travelled the country extensively and his intimate knowledge of the Southern African landscape and architecture found expression in his work. Because line was so important in his art, he naturally excelled as sketcher and graphic artist. An extensive collection of sketches and graphic works, including a large number of linoleum cuts – many of which portray South Africa’s landscape and architecture – attest to his masterly drawing ability.

His greatness has been acknowledge by, inter alia, three honorary doctorates, while his works are represented world-wide in private and corporate collections, including one in the La Motte Museum.

Pierneef, regarded as one of South Africa’s greatest old masters, died on 4 October 1957.

For 2017, the La Motte Museum presents A Tribute to the Life and Work of South African artist, Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (1886 – 1957).