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Ethereal Oils

La Motte runs a flower-growing operation cultivating a limited variety of relatively rare flower species

The success achieved with experiments undertaken in the cultivation of an aromatic herb called buchu in 2002, on the La Motte Nabot farm in the Walker Bay coastal region, led to the allocation of approximately 15 hectares on the La Motte estate to the organic cultivation of oil-producing plants. Lavandine, rose geranium, Cape chamomile bush and buchu have been planted and the operation is now a fully-fledged industry.

All plants are cultivated in La Motte’s own nursery, which allows La Motte to be self-sufficient.

In its production of ethereal oils, La Motte is committed to the principles of biodiversity, aimed at alleviating the impact of agricultural activities on the environment. All the ethereal oil plants are farmed organically through eliminating or largely avoiding the use of fertilisers, synthetic pesticides, plant growth regulators and animal feed additives and through recycling and re-use to reduce capital and operating costs and alleviate the cost to the environment.

Arômes de La Motte

The Arômes de La Motte range of body products is made from ethereal oils harvested from organically grown plants on the estate.

The range includes a Hand & Body Lotion, Hand Wash, Shower & Bath Gel, Room Freshener, Massage Wax Candle, Ethereal Oil and Palm Soap. The products share the attributes of the ethereal oils they are made of, such as the antiseptic properties of buchu, the calming and anti-bacterial properties of Cape chamomile, the therapeutic and healing properties of lavandine, the calming and antiseptic properties of bergamot and the skin toning properties of grapefruit oil. The products have a subtle fragrance and are super-nourishing natural moisturisers which are easily absorbed. They deodorise, invigorate and rejuvenate. The Arômes de La Motte range is perfect for everyday use and, with its elegant packaging, makes for beautiful gifts.

The range is available from the La Motte Farm Shop.

The ethereal oils our products are made of

Lavandine In season, from December to January

Growing conditions in the Franschhoek Valley are ideal for lavandine and in 2005, 3,7 hectares of lavandine plantations were established on La Motte. As proved by oil analyses, the plants are perfectly suited to La Motte’s well-drained sandy soils with a pH of approximately 7. Cultivation is fully biologic, managing the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides, weed killers and plant growth regulators.

English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the most common variety of lavender. These plants are some of the easiest to grow and bear the classic lavender-coloured blossoms. English lavender effectively treats ailments such as headaches, depression, nervous debility, exhaustion, strep, flu, cellulite disorders and irritability.