Vinoteque Wine

Limited volumes of La Motte’s best vintages are matured under ideal conditions in the Rupert Vinoteque on the estate. Select one of these beautifully matured wines for a special occasion, as a gift or purely for your own enjoyment.

Vinoteque Wine/

2013 La Motte Millennium

2013 La Motte Millennium - La Motte Wine Estate

2013 La Motte Millennium

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R 956.64 per case
The nose of this wine tells the story of how it was made. Rasberry (Merlot), a slight herbaciousnous (Cabernet Franc) and English toffee (oak) combine in a harmonious way. Malbec and Petit Verdot provide colour and spice. The palate is juicy and rich and leaves a lingering dry, fresh finish.

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