NV La Motte Straw Wine
NV La Motte Straw Wine

NV La Motte Straw Wine

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Viognier with is distinctive aromatic properties was chosen for this wine while the special drying process and barrel maturation ensured its golden colour. Intense dried apricot and almond as well as the distinctive aroma of jasmine flowers are prominent on the nose. These flavours follow through on the palate with a silky texture and nutty aftertaste.

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The wine was made from dried Viognier grapes originating from Paarl, Franschhoek and Elgin. The Paarl grapes were picked in 2011, the Elgin grapes in 2013 and the Franschhoek grapes in 2014. The wine, therefore, does not originate from one specific vintage.

Grapes are picked at the same degree of ripeness as for natural dry wines – between 23 en 25 degrees Balling. Bunches are arranged on nets in the shade outside the cellar. This ensures good aeration, which allows the grapes to dry naturally. After two to three weeks, the sugar will concentrate to a content of approximately 40 degrees Balling. The dried grapes are then pressed in a basket press and the juice obtained is about 100 litres/original ton. After solid particles have settled, the clean juice is transferred to a small barrel. Fermentation of about two months is allowed, after which the yeast cells die naturally and the wine is left with natural residual sugar. The wine was blended in October 2014 and on 10 November only 1 800 x 375-ml bottles were produced.

Because of the distinctive aromatic characteristics, Viognier grapes were selected for this wine. The drying process and barrel fermentation create a golden colour. On the nose the wine is intense, with prominent aromas of dried apricot, almond and distinctive jasmin, also on the palate. The wine has a silky texture and a nutty after-taste.

Alcohol: 12,3% Vol
Residual sugar: 154 g/l
Total acid: 7,32 g/l
pH: 3,62