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Seasonal, sweet and sentimental

The Dutch brought oblietjies to the Cape. Initially these small waffles were baked in a small iron pan with a lid, called an oblie-yster (oblie iron).The pan usually had an engraved pattern, which decorated the oblietjies and made them look like little works of art. Because the oblie iron was used on an open fire,...

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A layered feast!

The end of year rush can easily get in the way of planning a proper menu and often we resort to the old faithful but less exciting recipes. Luckily, we have a decadent suggestion marrying trend and tradition, one that will be a festive showstopper whether you use it for dessert or on the tea table. Try...

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Festive Recipe: Beef Prime Rib on the Bone

Christmas meals are about having your loved ones around a table. If you are planning to have quite a few of your favourite people with you this year, why not try our Beef Prime Rib on the Bone. It will be an impressive centerpiece and you do not have to add anything more than roast potatoes,...

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Festive Recipe: Whole Roasted Franschhoek Salmon Trout & interesting greens

Some of the fun of the holidays lies in the excess and richness of what we serve on our festive tables. That does not mean that something a little less decadent can’t be just as delicious though! Try our a recipe for whole roasted Franschhoek Salmon Trout and served it with an interesting combination of greens...

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Festive Recipe: Christmas Cheese Wreath

Wreaths are a traditional part of Christmas decoration. This year, take them to the table in an innovative way! Try the delicious wreath-shaped bread with cranberries and pistachios or makes this easy cheese ring that can serve as a delicious cheese course for the Festive Season, especially when served with a delightful sweet wine such as...

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Festive Recipe: Roast Pork belly roll, Spiced pineapple and sage relish

Pork is a typically traditional Christmas dish and, although serving a whole suckling pig can look very festive, it is hardly something one would attempt at home. Pork is also very versatile and can be smoked and served hot or cold. try our recipe for pork belly – with its crisp and golden crackling, it...

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Festive Recipe: Dill, beetroot and citrus-cured trout

Delicious and light to serve as a starter on the festive table, this dish also works wonderfully for supper on a balmy evening. With La Motte being situated in the Franschhoek Valley, we suggest Franschhoek trout, but any firm fish can be used – fresh water trout, small mullets, yellow tail, etc. Curing fish is a...

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Festive Recipe: Blanc Mange

An impressive dessert is an integral part of Christmas tradition and we were inspired by the modern white beauty and the rich history of the Blanc Mange. This dessert has been written about in Europe from the middle ages. Initially a savoury dish setting white meat such as chicken in almond milk, it is the sweeter...

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Festive plum-and-cherry tart

Shortly after Van Riebeeck’s landing, large numbers of fruit trees were planted and soon housewives at the Cape became well known for their fruit tarts delicately layered with seasonal fruit on top of a pastry base. After the settlement of the French Huguenots, fruit trees were in abundance in the then Olifantshoek area (today, the...

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Ginger-and-cumin-glazed whole roast duck

In the days of the old Cape, fowl of any shape and size was popular on the menu, from Muscovy duck to guinea fowl, partridge and wild peacock. While chicken is the most popular bird for cooking today, duck offers that something extra for a special occasion. The ideal meat for sweet flavours and scented...

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